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Đề ôn tập tiếng Anh học kỳ II số 2

Thứ sáu - 19/04/2013 20:38
Đề ôn tập tiếng Anh học kỳ II số 2

Đề ôn tập tiếng Anh học kỳ II số 2

ĐỀ 2
I. Choose A, B, C, D that has the same meaning with the first one. (2ms)
1. They will buy a new house.
A. A new house will be bought by they.              B. A new house be will bought.
C. A new house will bought.                                            D. A new house will be bought.
2. “Is Phong Nha Cave far from Ha Noi, Lan?” Peter said.
A. Peter asked Lan that Phong Nha Cave was far from Ha Noi.
B. Peter asked Lan that Phong Nha Cave was far from Ha Noi.
C. Peter asked Lan if Phong Nha Cave was far from Ha Noi.
D. Peter asked Lan if Phong Nha Cave was far from Ha Noi.
3. Bao/ forget/ homework.
A. Bao always forgetting his homework.             B. Bao is always forgetting his homework.
C. Bao is always forgets his homework.              D. Bao is always forget his homework.
4. “I don’t like watching this film”, said John.
A. John said that she didn’t like watching that film
B. John said that I don’t like watching that film.
C. John said me not to like watching that film    
D. John said that he doesn’t like watching that film.
5. It’s dangerous for the children to cross this road without parents.
A. Without parents is dangerous for the children.
B. Without parents is dangerous for the parents without children.
C. Crossing this road without parents is dangerous for children.
D. Without children to cross this road is very dangerous.
6. Ba/take a shower/ 8 o’clock/ last night.
A. Ba was taking a shower at 8 o’clock last night.           B. Ba took a shower at 8 o’clock last night.
C. Ba takes a shower at 8 o’clock last night.                    D. Ba is taking a shower at 9 o’clock last night.
7. The teacher asked us not to go to class late.
A. We asked not to go to class late.                     B. We are  asked not to go to class late.
C. We were asking not to go to class late D. We were asked not to go to class late (by the teacher).
8. You/finish/ do/ the test/ yet?
A. Has you finished doing the test yet?               B. Are you finished doing the test yet?
C. Have you finished doing the test yet?             D. Do you finish to do the test?
II. Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. (3.5ms)
9. Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Site recognized __________ UNESCO.
A. in                                  B. by                                       C. for                                      D. to
10. It’s too cold outside. Would you mind __________ the window?
A. to close                         B. closing                                C. closed                                 D. close
11. Lan is studying hard __________ pass the final exam.
A. in other that                  B. that                                     C. in order to                          D. so that
12. Peter __________ in Ha Noi for three years.
A. has lived                       B. lived                                   C. have lived                           D. lives
13. He used to __________ out for a walk in the evening when he was young.
A. gone                             B. go                                       C. went                                   D. going
14. Mai hasn’t finished her homework __________.
A. just                               B. already                                C. never                                  D. yet
15. Many years ago, Christmas songs __________ for people in towns and village.
A. were performing           B. have performed                  C. performed                          D. were performed
16. This bag __________ of plastic.
A. is made             B. make                                   C. is making                            D. made
17. __________ you mind if I smoked?
A. Are                               B. Do                                      C. Will                                    D. Would
18. Millions of Christmas cards __________ every year.
A. is sending                     B. are sent                               C. are sending             D. send
19. I’m happy __________ all the exams.
A. is passing                      B. to pass                                C. passed                                D. pass
20. Would you mind if I __________ a photo?
A. took                              B. taking                                 C. take                                    D. to take
21. We __________ dinner when my friends arrived yesterday evening.
A. is having                       B. have                                    C. were having                        D. was having
22. He told me that he __________.
A. had already the film seen                                             B. had already the film seen
B. had seen the film already                                             D. the film had already seen
III. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the passage. (2.5 ms)
Dear Sally,
We are having a wonderful time (23) _________ USA. The (24) _________ are friendly and the (25) _________ has been warn and sunny. In San Francisco, I (26) _________ my friends, Sandra Smith and (27) _________ family. It was (28) _________ to see them. I (29) _________ lost of souvenirs (30) _________ the children. Thanh is always complaining about the (31) _________ of my suitcase.
See you (32) _________
Love, Quyen.
23.  A. of                                  B. on                                       C. in                                        D. at
24.  A. boy                               B. student                               C. friend                                 D. people
25.  A. picture              B. summer                               C. people                                 D. weather
26.  A. visiting                         B. visited                                 C. to visit                                D. visits
27.  A. her                                B. them                                   C. him                                     D. you
28.  A. loving                           B. lovely                                  C. love                                    D. to love
29.  A. is bought                      B. to buy                                 C. bought                                D. has bought
30.  A. between                        B. on                                       C. to                                        D. for
31.  A. heaviness                      B. heavyly                               C. heavy                                  D. heavyness
32.  A. on                                 B. last                                      C. soon                                    D. so so
IV. Choose the words or phrase that are not correct in standard in English. (1m)
33.     My friend asked me play chess last night.
   A             B              C                     D
34.  We are studying hard in order to passing the exam.
                 A                        B                                C                  D
35.  Jenny said, “The best time for me to go was Thursday morning”.
                      A               B                          C                D
36.  English is spoke in many parts of the world.
              A                B                     C                        D
V. Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that has the difference pronunciation. (1m)
37.     A. particular                     B. provide                               C. pilo                                     D. private
38.     A. cook                            B. look                                    C. proof                                  D. book
39.     A. card                             B. smart                                  C. carry                                   D. start
40.     A. royal                            B. decompose             C. compile                               D. connect
--------------- THE END ---------------
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